Without warning

Eyes of green

Tall and sweet

Smile so big 

Beauty so deep

Friendship so kind

You marked me without even knowing then you left without a warning



Tall and handsome

 Sweet and kind

Gentle of soul 

Rare of heart 

Smile so beautiful 

Voice so sweet

Words so kind

Soul so pour

Heart of gold

The Room

As I entered the room, I began to take my clothes off as I was instructed to every time I entered this room. I placed them on the same spot as I always did. The lights were on low, there was a fire in the fireplace, and yet as soon as I was naked my nipples hardened. Master and I hadn’t played in here in sometime, and I was excited to see what he had in store for me. Walking around the room slowly taking it all in remembering all the times we has played in here, all the wonderful things Master has done, and lessons he had taught me. I knew Master would be coming for me soon, so I went over to the big window and knelt. As I waited and looked out the window I said over and over in my head my atonement ” You are My Master and I am Your Ma Petite” I was so last in my head I didn’t hear the door. I was startled when Master ran the back of his hand down my shoulder. I knew better then to look up until Master said. I waited. Master went over to his chair, and just set there. UGH!!! Time stood still. He finally said my name and told me to came to him. I did as I was told, knelt at his side. My favorite place, next to him. Master touched my back, and asked where my thoughts where when he entered the room. I told him I was repeating my atonement over and over. Master asked why, had I done something wrong or had I forgotten? I simple said ” No Master, I just needed a reminder.” Palms up on my legs, heart beating fast, waiting in anticipation of what Master has in store for me, for us. “Stand” Master says. Eyes down, I stand, waiting for him to tell me more. “This way ma petite.” Following Master through the room passing by so many of the things we have played with in the past, remembering. It making me smile, and causing butterflies. Master stops at the end of the room, and I know exactly where we are. My belly is so full of butterflies I can’t hardly stand it. Master knows this is my favorite. Eyes still down, I can hear Master moving around, and taking things out of drawers. The anticipation is growing. I know that is part of this plan. He likes to keep me in suspense. It makes it better. He comes up behind me, and tells me to take my place, back to him. Walking over to take my place, I have so many butterflies. We haven’t played in here in so long let alone here on this. This, one of my favorite things in the room. I love this room, OUR room. I lift my hands up into place so Master can lock them into place then I spread my legs and place them so he can do the same. After I’m all strapped in, Master run his hand over my skin, and says “So nice, but we can make it look so much better can’t we Ma Petite?” “Yes Master” is all I am able to say, as I feel the leather touch my skin. He just runs it from my shoulder down to my butt. I know what it is just by the feel, it’s the flogger. Then I feel something on the other shoulder, this I also know, it’s the crop. Master is teasing me now. I don’t know which he will start with. Being here, on the cross, in this room, with Master already has all my senses on overdrive, but now this UGH! This is part of the game tho, just how he likes me, guessing. 


My Master has decided to take me out to the movies tonight. We are sitting in the back of the theater with no one around us. He is very much intent on watching this particular movie, but I on the other hand have become very sexually aroused. My Master does not want to miss any part of this movie so I think I need to see if I can distract him. 
Sitting this close to my Master should be easy if he will let me. I reach my hand over and slowly start to massage his cock, never taking my eyes off the movie. I feel him touch my hand and he whispers “what are you doing ma petite?” I look up at him and smile. He let’s go and continues to watch the movie. This is my chance to be a little naughty and please my master at the same time. I slowly unzip his pants and place my hand inside and begin to rub his cock and balls slowly and gently. Next I move up to the button of his pants and undo it reaching my hand inside of his boxer briefs his cock springs free! Mmmm he’s nice and hard for me! I hear him moan and I know I maybe distracting him a little. I get in between his legs on my knees and place my lips just over the head and suck. You see I know what my master likes. With one hand on his cock I begin to stroke him, the other hand plays with his balls, massaging and rolling. Licking my way down his cock and back up, underneath so my tongue traces that massive vein. When I reach the head I do it one more time, this time when I get to the bottom I suck on his balls, but just for a few minutes, then work my way back to the head licking and sucking the whole time. I can feel my masters body stiffen, so I know he’s enjoying this. When I reach the head I take him into my mouth and begin to suck, still stroking his cock and massaging his balls. I keep sucking stroking and massaging, sucking a little harder and stroking faster until my master cums. I swallow all he has to give then lick he clean! Tuck him back in and zip him up! Getting back up and back into my set. I know people could have heard but they could not see me so I guess that’s all that matters. I hope my master is happy. He does not look mad, but I will tell you this it was well worth it. 
Thank You for a great night out Master. I hope we can do it again soon!